We offer a turnkey service in which you can request us to handle the entire process from design to manufacturing.
We work with alliance partners covering different areas of expertise to bring together a wide range of specialized knowledge and technologies to improve development speed and quality.
In addition, we provide a comprehensive solution suited to your requirements, optimizing your budget by offering an efficient design process that leverages our past design experience and accumulated platform assets.

What is TrunKey Service?

The term "TurnKey" is a metaphorical expression meaning ""just turn the key and it's ready to use.
This expression is analogous to the fact that a car starts up as soon as you insert the key and turn it.
In the case of semiconductor devices, it refers to the delivery of an inspected LSI once a design request is received from you.
In turnkey services, we and our alliance partners work together to manage and execute a series of processes throughout the entire project, including design, development, verification, manufacturing, testing, and delivery, based on the customer's requirements and specifications.
Since the processes from design to manufacturing are linked, efficient progress and quality control are possible, and the burden of management and coordination of each process on your side is reduced.

Process Scheme

Based on your requirements and specifications, we will implement design and management from design specification, logical design, and physical design to wafer manufacturing and final product delivery.
Multiple alliance partners, each with their own areas of expertise, work together in the design, and front-end and back-end manufacturing processes to achieve consistent management of the entire product manufacturing process, thereby accelerating your business model.

We have formed an alliance with Toppan Technical Design Center in the turnkey service, combining our strengths and achievements based on mutual trust.
We provide turnkey services supplied by combining our strength in digital technology, oppan Technical Design Center's strength in sensor signal processing technology, and Renesas Electronics' stable and rich IPs.


We collaborate with alliance partners in different fields to realize innovative development in TurnKey services, either as a whole or in specific areas.

Support Area


The term "platform" refers to a foundation or framework that provides reusable technology and resources for the design and development of a specific product or system, a collection of common infrastructure, tools, designs, and intellectual property that can be used throughout or in specific parts of the design process.
We can provide optimized design resources to improve design efficiency and shorten development time.
This is because we have a variety of platforms that bring together designs, IP cores, libraries, tools, templates, and other technical assets from past design and development efforts in a reusable form.

Support Area

We have extensive experience in designing functional IP such as memory controllers and CPU peripheral macros.

  • IP design assets considering specifications in higher-level designs (subsystems, One-chip)
  • Custom design and layout optimization considering the above hierarchy (module, One-chip)


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