What is our AI Solution?

We provide SAMACT , an on-chip AI that can be trained and infer on a chip, as an AI solution. Since the system can be trained even after shipment, it can adapt to the user's environment as an endpoint AI. We can hand you from a feasibility study environment to chips that SAMACT acts.

SAMACT, an on-chip AI core

The most important feature of SAMACT is that it can be trained on a chip, on its own.
This means that SAMACT can benefit a number of advantages, including using in environments where network connectivity is not available(cannot use Cloud AI) and protecting user's privacy(Training data can be offline).

SAMACT is very compatible with endpoint devices from an aspect of cost.

Many AIs use multipliers for arithmetic operations, which requires a amount of circuit scale. So implementing the AIs as an endpoint AI provides disadvantages in terms of price and power consumption.

In contrast, SAMACT does NOT use multipliers for arithmetic operations due to its characteristics, which requires less amount of circuit scale.
In other words, implementing SAMACT as an endpoint AI provides advantages in terms of price and power consumption.


We contract design and development of your endpoint device using the on-chip AI SAMACT.
We can provide not only as LSI contract design and LSI turnkey development, but also feasibility studies and implementation in FPGA as a final product, so that you can build your own endpoint AI system according to your business model or your upper system.

Prototypes and roadmap
Done following tasks as prototype.
  • Rock, paper and scissors recognition using myoelectric sensors

Example: SAMACT can reduce the burden on the user by making it possible to adjust the myoelectric prosthetic hand in a short time, which conventionally involves a high time cost.

  • handwritten digit recognition
  • speaker recognition
  • vowel recognition(Japanese) , etc.
As future works, we are considering the following developments.
  • Regression (expansion to anomaly detection and forecasting)
  • Increasing the number of input layer (e.g., increasing the resolution of input images)


We collaborate with alliance partners in different fields to realize innovative development in AI solution services, either as a whole or in specific areas.


About development

SAMACT can be used in a variety of situations!

As an endpoint AI, SAMACT can handle a wide range of problems, including myoelectric, voice, and imaging.
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