One-chip functional verification environment construction


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A domestic Set Manufacturer

Business form

Commissioned design

Scope of business

One-chip functional verification environment construction

Equipped IPs

Cortex-A57, Cortex-M3, ARM926, DDR3L/4, USB2.0H, USB3.0H,USB3.0D,PCIe, SATA, SD, BbyOne, ADC, GEtherMac,GPU

Development time

1.5 months

We provide a verification environment that meets the needs of our customers, including a verification environment using models and shorter TATs.

It is possible to replace the installed IP such as CPU with the bus model. It has the following benefits

  • It is possible to perform simple verification of bus access without knowing about IP.
  • By changing to a model, the CPU execution load of the simulation can be reduced.
  • Total management from SIM execution to result confirmation by supporting vMavager (Cadence).
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