Design Services

Entrusted design services (ASIC/ASSP)

We can flexibly adapt to the customer’s business model, from system design to testing, from input to output from all processes.


Entrusted design services (FPGA)

According to your business model, we can flexibly adapt to every step of the process from input to output, from system design to system-on-a-chip testing.



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Design Experiences

We have a lot of experience in providing ASIC (SOC) products for industrial and consumer use to major semiconductor manufacturers, both in Japan and overseas.

Design support for all processes, from specification planning to layout design.

  • System design and logic design, such as bus construction and CPU peripheral block construction, as well as verification environment customized to customer needs, such as shortening TAT using verification IP.
  • DFT implementation, including DFT design for variety of IPs and DFT specification construction for global fault coverage optimization
  • Design and timing verification with an emphasis on clock design in products that include high-speed IFs such as DDR and LVDS
  • Layout design technology to achieve the smallest area, lowest power and highest speed

We have a lot of experience in designing functional IP such as memory controllers and CPU peripheral macros.

  • IP design that takes into consideration specifications in higher-level designs (subsystems, chip top)
  • Custom design and layout optimization that takes into consideration the above design hierarchy (module, chip top)

List of tools used

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