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December 5, 2018 At Club Formal Japan 2018.12, hosted by Cadence Design Systems, Japan,

” Leverage JasperGold to make remake product development 10 times more efficient!

We gave a lecture titled “The Future of Japan”.

In the remake of the past development products, we will introduce the product development case that we reduced RTL verification by more than 10 times, utilizing the SEC application of JasperGold.

We will continue to promote both improved design quality and increased efficiency through the use of our original methods of tooling.

Japan Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

Club Formal 2016 (2016/12/8)


With the aim of improving various skills in the global environment and facilitating students’

ability to develop global leadership, Kumamoto National College of Technology will be the host of the Japan Seminar on Technology for Sustainability 2018 (JSTS2018).

Although our workshop was only about one day long, the students from domestic and foreign countries were able to derive various opinions and ideas on the issues we presented.




Lecture at CDNLive 2017.

At CDNLive 2017 hosted by Cadence Design Systems, Japan, “Combine Xcelium and JasperGold coverage!”

As an example of using simulation and formal verification and confirming the quality index as a unified metric, we introduced a case study of uniform coverage. In order to solve the problem of increasing verification costs due to the increase in the size and complexity of LSIs,

we will promote further efficiency improvements.


CDNLive2017 (2017/7/21)

Lecture at Club Formal 2016.

He gave a presentation titled “JasperGold COV App and SPV App Application Examples”

at ClubFormal 2016 hosted by Cadence Design Systems, Japan. As LSIs become larger and more complex,the key to successful LSI development is to perform functional verification comprehensively and efficiently.

In addition to simulation, we will apply formal verification to improve the completeness and efficiency of verification.

ClubFormal講演の様子 Club Formal 2016 (2016/12/8)

LSI Design Seminar

Based on our extensive design experience and practical know-how, we provide seminars and design consulting services according to our clients’ needs.

seminarLSI design seminar held at a semiconductor manufacturing company (2015/12/15)

Seminars and lectures for students

We host seminars to explain the current state of the semiconductor industry, its future potential,

and its appeal to general companies and students.

  • January 19, 2017 We hosted a seminar for all departments of Kumamoto Gakuen University (Department of Economics, Department of International Economics, and Department of Legal Economics) on the theme of semiconductor design accumulation and fostering fabless ventures.
  • June 26, 2018 We gave a lecture as an adjunct lecturer at Kumamoto University’s liberal arts course “Corporate Strategy for Local Growth 1”. With the main aim of raising awareness of local companies, we told the voices of the management and business operators to about 250 students at Kumamoto University. (1) The current status and future of related industries (2) The management and business strategies of companies

熊大講義地方創生企業戦略講義Lecture at Kumamoto University as a part-time lecturer(2018/6/26)

熊大 地方創生企業戦略論講義風景Lecture on corporate strategy for regional development at Kumamoto University(2018/6/26)


Kumamoto National College of Technology was a sponsor of JSTS2017, which was hosted by Kumamoto National College of Technology, with the aim of deepening insight into “sustainable science and technology”, improving communication skills, and improving the ability to collaborate in diverse groups.

Three groups discussed the proposal from our company, “Propose and implement a method to make the company known among students” for about a week, and the final presentation of JSTS2017 was held on May 29th.

As a result, five members of Team name: Amplifire (Group 2) received the Maviss Award.

Thank you very much for considering various ideas.


Those who reviewed the Maviss proposals (bottom left) and the MavissAward winners (bottom right)

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