Information Security Policy

As part of our management activities to realize our corporate philosophy and put our corporate policy into practice, Maviss Design Corporation(hereinafter “Company”) has established the following basic information security policy to ensure and maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all information and information systems in our possession.

Establishment of a management system

Company shall establish an information security management system and appropriately manage its information assets.

Protection of Information Assets

Company shall ensure that appropriate security measures are implemented for information entrusted by customers and information assets held by the Company to prevent unauthorized entry, falsification, loss, destruction, or leakage.


Company shall continuously educate all employees to ensure that they are fully aware of this basic policy.

Responding to Accidents

In the unlikely event of an information security incident, Company shall promptly investigate the cause of the incident, minimize the damage, and work to prevent a recurrence.

Legal Compliance

Company shall comply with all laws and regulations and other standards related to information security.

Review and improvement of the management system

Company shall check the management system and operational status of information security, and shall continuously improve and review the system.

December 1st, 2019
Representative Director, Ikeda Koji

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