Corporate identity/Quolity policies

Corporate identity

Our company name: MAVISS is an abbreviation of
Making A Variety of Industrial Solutions With Semiconductors”
We provide various solutions by semiconductors based on “Innovation, Intensity, Integrity”. And to create a bright and pleasant future from Kumamoto to all over the world.

Corporate policies

  • We want to be as customer’s Only-One-Partner by out services and solutions.
  • We promote global business by outs’ honesty and Technology, high ethics.
  • We provide “hapiness” to our employees and their families

Quolity policies

As part of our management activities to realize our corporate philosophy and put our management stance into practice, we have established an ISO 9001 management system, and are working on our business activities based on the following:

  1. We will always work on improving the quality of out products and services. To get customer’s satisfaction.
  2. We will comply with regulations, agreements, Customer requirements, and voluntary restrictions.
  3. We set quality target (action plan) for fiscal year, and all employees work on achieving the target.
  4. We always review it to maintain the effectiveness and suitability of our company’s quality management system.


December 1st, 2019
Representative Director, Ikeda Koji

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