Business Management Condition

Here are the results of the third party’s 2022 Small Business Management Diagnostic System. This diagnosis is based on our financial statements and expresses the relative position of management power in the group of small and medium-sized enterprises in Japan as a five-level rank (A to E) and deviation value.
According to the diagnosis, our rank for 2022 is A. We have been ranked A, which is the highest ranking continuously from 2014 through 2022. In the current fiscal year (fiscal 2023), we will continue to strive for further business expansion and management stability.


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Leading company upbringing

In December 2016, we were recognized as one of the leading company upbringing in Kumamoto, Japan.
In 10 years, by 2026, we aim to achieve an annual value-added of 1 billion yen (the total of operating income and labor costs generated by our business activities during the year). In order to grow into a leading company in Kumamoto Prefecture’s economy, we are striving to complete the business strategy we have drawn up and achieve our goals.


Outcome debriefing August 2019 (Leading company upbringing support operating cost subsidy)

We presented the results of the utilization of Leading company upbringing support operating cost subsidy in FY2018. The objective of the Leading company upbringing project, which is “to createprofitable companies that create high added value and boost the economy of the prefecture,” we reported on the steady progress toward our business goals.

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